About Evolve Paleo Chef

Paleo is short for Paleolithic – this is the period of time where humans evolved as they are found today.  It is pastoral evolution. Where lush grass grew in the fertile valleys.  The pyramids were built about 3000 years ago.  These great edifices serve to pronounce to the world that a permanent house-based society was now the human norm and millions of years of pastoral evolution was now passé. It was the beginning of an insidious decline of human health. This new lifestyle was enabled by the mass production of the super food – grain.  Before that, during the end of the Paleolithic era, life was in its wild and most pristine state.

We at Evolve want to try to fuze that way of eating with the modern techniques and foods we have grown accustomed to. The Paleo diet is based on principles such as low to no grain and low sugar intake; thus low carbohydrates. This low carb way keeps your body working at optimal levels. We also believe in no dairy. There is nothing in dairy that you cannot get from other sources without the significant harm done to your body eating dairy products.

We believe the body has an innate ability of healing if we give it the fuel it needs and get out of the way. We believe that food is cornerstone of living and if we mess that up, your life will be built on a shaky foundation and nothing will function as it was designed.  At Evolve, we are a clean eating company. We purchase only the best ingredients when possible.