An Amazing Citrus-Flavored Paleo Snack…

If you’re looking for a citrus-flavored Paleo snack, try Evolve’s Key Lime Paleo Balls!

Key Lime Paleo Balls FrontOne of the bright points of a long, cold, winter is getting to enjoy delicious citrus fruits! Some of the best citrus fruits, such as grapefruits, tangerines, oranges, and limes are at their best from November through February, and Evolve Paleo Pantry is celebrating the fresh taste of these fruits with their Key Lime Paleo Balls. These citrus-flavored Paleo snacks present delicious bursts of tart lime, balanced with the sweetness of coconut. The incredible lime taste comes from lime zest and a lime juice reduction, perfected by Evolve Paleo Pantry’s professional chefs.

These snacks make a perfect afternoon, citrus-flavored Paleo snack, giving you a burst of energy to get through your day. Order your Key Lime Paleo Balls online today…Evolve Paleo Pantry ships nationwide! While you’re at it, try some of Evolve’s other tasty treats, like Paleo Beef Jerky or Paleo Trail Mix.