Gluten-Free Beef Jerky

Spicy JerkyOrder Gluten-Free Beef Jerky Online from Evolve Paleo Pantry…We Ship Nationwide!

When you get the hankering for a satisfying, flavorful snack that’s ALSO gluten-free, there’s nothing better than gluten-free beef jerky from Evolve Paleo Chef. Our chefs have spent hours, days, weeks…scratch that, MONTHS, developing the perfect gluten-free beef jerky recipes.

For those of you that can stand the heat, try our Spicy Beef Jerky. Oh, it has a kick, but this jerky doesn’t sacrifice the flavor of our grass-fed USDA Choice Top Sirloin just to burn your mouth. Looking for something a little different? Our Sweet Jerky incorporates a subtle sweet flavor that is sure to please.

For additional gluten-free snacks, try our signature item, Evolve Paleo Balls! We ship nationwide, so place your order today!

by Evolve Pantry

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