Paleo Butter Substitute…Ghee, I wonder what to use?

ghee-groupButter is great, butter is grand…but what Paleo butter substitute do I use in Paleo Land?

Evolve Paleo Pantry has the perfect Paleo butter substitute: delicious, flavorful, Paleo-friendly ghee! It’s an amazing product that will make your Paleo lifestyle just a little more enjoyable…or a lot more enjoyable, depending on how much you love butter!

Why is ghee a great Paleo butter substitute?

As you know, the Paleo diet excludes dairy products. Ghee is basically a form of clarified butter, which is created through a process of heating butter slowly until the casein (dairy protein) is removed. What is left is a nutty, delicious, healthy fat. Ghee is shelf-stable and has a high smoke point, which makes it great for cooking.

You can order this Paleo butter substitute online from Evolve Paleo Pantry. We ship nationwide, so you’ll get your delicious, healthy ghee in no time!

You may want to add a loaf of our fresh, tender, Paleo Bread to your order. It makes great sandwiches, french toast, or garlic toast.

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