German Chocolate


On the road to greatness, it would be easy to accept uninspired mixes. But why? Take our chef inspired trail mixes on the road to the emerald city or the road to health; you can be sure your mix will taste great.

Some say German chocolate is not only chocolate and coconut, but it is also delicious. We couldn’t agree more. With walnuts, coconut and chocolate our German chocolate trail mix is the perfect balance between dessert and snack. Comes in a resealable pouch as well. You are welcome! This is made with 70% dark chocolate, so it blurs the line of Paleo, but we think you will still like it.


Walnuts, Chocolate Chips (Organic Cocoa, Organic Cane Sugar), Coconut Chips, Honey, Vanilla Extract, Salt


3.5 Ounces


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